OUR LAb Rooms

The Lab Rooms are the heart of The Lab Hotel. There are currently five different Lab Rooms available to our guests. Each of the rooms is unique – and some of the rooms are so visionary that they are truly dreams of the future. Welcome to a tour of the Lab Rooms, the hotel rooms of the future.


Who is taking the plunge into the future of the hotel room? Everything is organised digitally: The personal comfort temperature, individual light settings and, of course, the desired bed furnishings. In the particularly clever Lab Room SMART, the RoboButler delivers drinks, snacks and sometimes even a new toothbrush. SMART is the hotel room for the open-minded and tech-savvy guest.

  • automated check-in and check-out
  • sensor-controlled lighting and intelligent blinds
  • automated service


Small but mighty. This Lab Room is constantly changing. The Lab Room MODULAR is always designed to meet the needs of the guest. In a limited space, furniture and structures are a joy when they are one thing above all – flexible. The best way to find out how well this works is to try it out. And because the possibilities for optimal use of space are also constantly changing, this Lab Room may look completely different the next time you visit.

  • furniture with multiple functions
  • additional storage space for luggage
  • a room concept as a “work in progress”


SWISSNESS gets to the heart of this lab room concept. The entire furnishing of the hotel room consists exclusively of Swiss products. From the wood to the textiles used. Swissness is both a trend and a tradition. That’s why this lab room combines craftsmanship and modern technology. Who knows whether you will understand Switzerland better after spending a night in a thoroughly Swiss Lab Room?

  • fully equipped with Swiss products
  • modern equipment meets traditional craftsmanship
  • developed in cooperation with Swiss partners


Trying out your own concepts is an important part of studying at the Hotel Management School Thun. For the Future Hotelier Room, our students bring in their ideas, implement them one-to-one and thus try them out directly. In this Lab Room, the guests encounter the dewy-eyed reflections and creative thoughts of the future hoteliers. Feedback is very welcome! The Waiting Room is also a Future Hotelier Room. This Lab Room is still waiting for its concept.

  • two Lab Rooms with changing themes
  • continuously changing room concept
  • ideas from the hoteliers of tomorrow


How does it feel to sleep in a bed that used to be a wardrobe? How does a floor feel that was used as a table until recently? In the “greenest” of all Lab Rooms, upcycling is the order of the day. Materials from former student rooms have become the new Lab Room furnishings. Those who live here experience sustainability down to the smallest detail.

  • before and after pictures make the sustainable implementation visible
  • solid flooring made from old oak tables
  • new textiles are sewn from curtains

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