OUR LAb Rooms

The Lab Rooms are the heart of The Lab Hotel. There are currently five different Lab Rooms available to our guests. Each of the rooms is unique – and some of the rooms are so visionary that they are truly dreams of the future. Welcome to a tour of the Lab Rooms, the hotel rooms of the future.

Labroom - Smart


Are you brave enough to try out the hotel room of the future? Everything is digitally controlled, including your own ideal temperature and individual light settings. Small-scale robots and your own Wi-Fi network provide the entertainment. Technology is changing fast. The Smart Room also keeps coming up with new features. Just the thing for tech-savvy guests.

Labroom - Modular


Small, but perfectly formed. In a limited space, flexible furnishings and fittings are exactly what’s needed. You should see for yourself how well this works in the Modular Room. Another special feature is that you access this lab room through the sizeable bathroom.

Labroom - Swissness


Is it possible to design and equip a hotel room using only Swiss materials, products and workmanship? That’s exactly what we’re testing in this lab room. Who knows whether you’ll understand Switzerland better after spending a night in a thoroughly Swiss lab room!

Labroom - Future Hotelier


Trying out your own concepts is an important part of studying at the Thun School of Hotel Management. Our students contribute their own ideas to the Future Hotelier Room and implement them one-to-one. The current room concept tests how a hotel room can be continuously modified without any conversions. Feedback is very welcome!

Labroom - Upcycling


How well do you sleep when the bed used to be a cupboard? How does a floor feel to you which, until recently, was used as a table? In the Upcycling Room, we test the reusability of materials and objects that accumulate when hotels are undergoing conversions.

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